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Outpatient programs Texas




Our resource page provides forms that are needed to begin treatment or to reach out to us. Also included are our brochures about our various programs.


Helpful Resource:


Cenikor Referral Form



Please download our Referral Form and fill out the referral form to refer someone to one of our facilities.

A representative will contact you and the individual as soon as possible.


Volunteer Application



Wish to be a Cenikor Foundation Volunteer? Click here to sign up.



Treatment Information Request Form



Admissions Intake Forms



Please print and complete these forms before the scheduled admission appointment. Once completed you can also fax the forms to 713-780-3191.



About Odyssey House and Check List


Helpful Resource:



Central Texas Brochure



This brochure explains our programs in Central Texas. In Waco, Texas Cenikor provides detoxification and short-term inpatient treatment as well as outpatient programs to treat a wide range of behavioral health and addiction issues.



Continuum of Care Brochure



 Cenikor has a variety of programs including short-term and long-term inpatient programs, detoxification, outpatient and intensive outpatient services. Cenikor also provides adolescent short-term inpatient treatment, outpatient and intensive outpatient care. Please click HERE to see where our programs are located.



Outpatient Programs Brochure



Our outpatient programs provide mental health and recovery services to adolescents and adults on an individual, group or family basis. We provide a variety of options to help individuals find the services most appropriate to their specific needs.



Adolescent Program Brochure



Odyssey House Texas provides treatment and education to youth and families whose lives have been devastated by drugs, alcohol, and abuse. Odyssey House Texas is committed to providing a program of comprehensive and quality services to achieve lasting changes in the values and behaviors of youth, in order to create healthy lifestyles and healthy families.